Matthew Graybosch's Starbreaker Saga

Starbreaker is a science fantasy saga inspired by classic heavy metal and progressive rock, written by Matthew Graybosch.

2020 and Beyond

Once I've finished putting up the old Starbreaker material, it'll be time to begin a new saga. I will most likely publish all future work independently, rather than seeking permission from publishers. I'm currently kicking around ideas for a couple of new novels.

From 2010 to 2019

From autumn 2011 to the end of 2018 I published novels and short stories through Curiosity Quills Press, which dropped off the face of the earth sometime in 2019.


Short Stories

Outtakes and Fragments

Before 2010

In 2009 I finished writing the original version of Starbreaker, which I first started trying to write in 1996, and put the work aside for a couple of years while resolving issues related to my day job.